Who we are

Welcome to Hameau des Cascades!

A nature lover, I moved to this magnificent region after falling in love with it. Overlooking the oued, just a stone's throw from the sea and the fields. For me, Le Hameau des Cascades is the perfect place to live in the heart of nature!

From here, we can hike to the surrounding heights, descend into the wadi where men work the land in the traditional way, or enjoy the sea: surfing, swimming, marvelling at the stretches of sand on the wild beaches. Calm and contact with nature give me the opportunity to slow down and immerse myself in the present moment.

As a yoga teacher, it became clear to me that not only was this a source of well-being, but that this rhythm and presence in the moment, little by little, made it possible to be more open to the world and more connected to oneself; to find serenity and confidence.

It's in this spirit that we welcome you to the Hameau des Cascades! To create a setting that allows everyone to cut away from their daily lives and immerse themselves in a space where time fades away and Nature offers itself as a companion on the road.

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Your host


Trained in Hatha Yoga in India, then in Yin yoga, Holistic Yoga, Yoga & Ayurveda specialized for women, as well as in Erycksonian hypnosis and evolutionary astrology , I'm passionate about everything that helps to recreate a connection: with oneself, with Nature and with the Earth. Eternally curious and a jack-of-all-trades, with a passion for gardening, herbal care and permaculture, I love to research and learn in all fields for the pleasure of sharing.

I love hiking, exploring, swimming, surfing. Immersing myself in the elements. Feeling the water, the wind, the salt on my skin. To move, to feel my body alive! I like to tinker, make and create. Doing things with my hands, testing, trying, failing, trying again, experimenting. I like to write, listen and observe.

Settled since 2020 in the Hameau des Cascades, I'm delighted to welcome you and help you discover the beauty of the surrounding countryside.